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Nothing is what I want

The best packaging is minimalistic and simple. To get there many requirements need to be reconciled: logistics, hygiene, barrier, look-and-feel. Cost. Our trade is to cut through that complexity and come up with elegant solutions that are based on sustainability. 

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the team

We are four people (NL, D, UK) that share a vision for the packaging world. Together we have  over 100 years of experience in packaging.

Our business is to develop new packaging and technologies that deliver sustainable and circular solutions.

our sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals.png

business model

We make our living charging  royalties. Our products and technologies are licensed out.

We team up with innovative 

manufacturers that have the appropriate production technology. So, we are not locked into a specific packaging type.

Initially we are involved in marketing and business development.

Once the product has found a foothold we disappear into the background.


Paper, plastics, films and coatings, 

folding carton, injection moulding, thermoforming, molded fiber, printing technology, film extrusion. We do not have it from hear-say, but from first hand experience.

We are at home in recycling, we make our own LCA’s.

Experts in intellectual property with over 10 and counting patents in packaging.

We are at home in FMCG and food service packaging markets.

about packaging

Some thoughts on the big themes around packaging.


A collection of A Top stuff in the news.

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