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Ethymology of packaging

Thirteenth century Flemish wool merchants called a bundle of wool a "pak". 

Bales of wool.png

A collection of something by wrapping it. This is packaging's most basic function.


An essential function of packaging is to preserve its content. This allows for  hygiene, food safety, and reduction of waste. 

Life without packaging.png

Life without packaging. Without packaging more than 30% of food is wasted.


Delivery is an essential packaging function. Business concepts are sometimes hinging on the delivery function of packaging. Example: Pizza boxes for home delivery 



Buy me! Keep buying me. Packaging provides identity to its content,

Packaging is like the day fly:  everything for a single moment of choice.

And packaging shares its fate with the day fly. What one day is 100% promotional beauty turns the next day into waste.

Daylfy dead.png
Sea of watse.png


All marketing power comes to naught once an empty package is to be discarded. This conflict is a big theme in packaging.

What was trimmed to be valuable turns into a nuisance.



There is a solution.

We are committed to providing this solution.

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